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New kitten vet and vaccinations at Capitol Illini Vets, Springfield, IL and Chatham, IL

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Capitol Illini Veterinary Services in Springfiled Illinois

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Veterinary Services | new kitten

Congratulations on your new Kitten!

Please bring your new kitten in as soon as possible after you bring him/her home. Your investment in good basic care will reward you with the companionship and affection of a healthy cat for fifteen years or more.

Your kitten will need to be vaccinated at around age two months, three months and four months. We strongly recommend an annual wellness visit so that your kitten's health and vaccination schedule can be maintained. Remember that vaccines are not a treatment, they are a prevention. If your kitten is unwell because she has not been vaccinated, the vaccination shots should be given after recovery. Vaccines are not 100% effective, but will give your kitten a good degree of protection against feline leukemia, respiratory diseases, flu type viruses, feline panleukopenia, feline rabies and others.

In general, we recommend all young kittens receive the 2 shot series of FeLV (feline leukemia) vaccine.  Cats are extremely susceptible to feline leukemia at an early age, and even if you do not plan on letting your cat outside, the FeLV vaccine will protect your cat during if he or she accidently got out and was exposed.  High risk cats (indoor/outdoor and outdoor cats) should get the FeLV vaccine boostered annually to prevent infection with the leukemia virus.

What to bring with you:

The initial exam will include:

Vaccination Schedule:

Find this service at:

Capitol Illini Veterinary Services
1711 Wabash Avenue
Springfield, IL 62704
Ph (217) 546-1541
Fx (217) 546-9020 
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Capitol Illini Chatham Veterinary Services
1020 Jason Place
Chatham, IL 62629
Ph (217) 483-6830
Fx (217) 483-6831 
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